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Jan 11 2023

Tampering 101

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Every year the EOBA and it’s member centers are forced to address the issue of tampering.  Tampering is basically any act that would lead a player to believe they could play for you or your association at a time when you do not hold their playing rights and their rights have not been released by their home association.

Baseball Ontario addresses this issue in their rules under P1.4 and P1.5.  The EOBA enforces those rules and also has added its own rule under 15.14 of the EOBA constitution.

Please be advised that these rules are very basic and they have been tested many times. People think they can be “smart”, “tricky” or “creative” and work around the rules.  You can’t.  We have seen it all before and we take the approach of if it quacks like a duck....  It is important to remember that these aren’t criminal trials. The burden of proof is much lower so if the discipline committee thinks it’s tampering then it is, and the suspensions and fines are just as real as when they 100% prove it was tampering.

Please note that 15.14 states that “For the purposes of this rule, ignorance of the rules of tampering and/or the particular circumstances surrounding the case is not relevant to the application of the penalty.”


  • The minimum fine is $250 and the minimum suspension is 5 games if found guilty of tampering.
  • The maximum fine is $1,000 (Per Player tampered with) and the maximum suspension is a lifetime ban from any/all baseball activities like coaching, executive members, volunteer, etc...
  • The EOBA and its member centers will advise if you have questions.  Questions are fine.  Acting before knowing is not fine. 

Please become familiar with the following rules of thumb.

1/ A new player signs up at tryouts and you aren’t sure where they live.  Ask what school they go to.  Ask to see a drivers license or other addressed ID.  If they are moving and the move is tomorrow, tell them to come back tomorrow with proof of residency or a release from their home center.
2/  They MUST have a fully completed and signed release to give you.  Note you have to keep it or copy it for proof of presentation. They can’t just show you.  Without that paperwork they cannot talk to you or participate in baseball activities REGARDLESS of PERIPHERAL ISSUES!!

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