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16u Fall Program

EOBA All-Star Day Rosters

Elite & All-Star Teams

Head Coaches:

Mosquito Bob Humphries Team
Head Coach Neal Mattes

Peewee CNE & Newmarket Team
Head Coach Scott Robinson
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Bantam Summer Games Team
Bantams win Gold at the Games
Head Coach Steve Moore

Midget Cannon Cup Team
Head Coach Rob Snodden
General Manager - Rob Wallace
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Tryout Schedules:

Mosquito Bob Humphries Team Tryout Dates

Bantam Summer Games Team Tryout Dates

Midget Cannon Cup Team Tryout Dates

16u Fall Baseball Program:

The EOBA 16u fall program is to extend the baseball season into late September and October, as the weather permits.  As well, it provides an opportunity for building character, sportsmanship and new friendships among players from many different EOBA centres.

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Fall Travel Program:

Head Coaches:

9U Team (Players born Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2005 or May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2004)
Head Coach - Jesse Marsh -  peterboroughtigersbaseball@gmail.com

10U Team (Players born Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2004 or May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2003)
Head Coach - Sandy Bailey - sbailey@suncor.com

11U Team (Players born Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2003 or May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2002)
Head Coach - Joe Kehoe - joekehoe@mriltd.ca

12U Team (Players born Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2002 or May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2001)
Head Coach - Chris Walters - chriswalters@sympatico.ca

13U Team (Players born Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2001 or May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 2000)
Head Coach - Ken Babcock - kenbabcock@eoba.net

14U Team (Players born Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2000 or May/June/July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec 1999)
Head Coach - Scott Cherwaty - scottc@peterboroughsportsxpress.ca

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Fall Travel Chairperson - Ken Babcock